Go on admit it. How many times, usually on a hot summer day in direct sunlight have you tried to polish your car, only to be left with a smeary mess that feels like you’ve stuck concrete all over the body? No matter how hard you try that polish haze will not shift!

I’ve been there over the years, which is why the news pieces on car care products on totalkitcar and in TKC Mag, bring you products that we know do work and come recommended.

One of my favourites and yep, I have to say, lives on my ‘go-to’ list is SC Mist from the good people at SiRamik Glasscoat, based in South Yorkshire.

They make hand-blended products and elixirs that are hand-mixed in small batches and every one of their range that I’ve tried has surpassed their claims for it.

SC Mist is a spray coating that contains silica but unlike some other Si02 products is actually easy to apply and crucially to remove from your car’s bodywork. Just spray a small amount onto a clean microfibre cloth and apply to your pre-washed panels.

It pretty much flashes immediately and buffs to an incredibly high gloss finish. A 250ml spray bottle goes a very long way and is fine value for money at £24.99.

Find out more from www.proglasscoat.com or at one of their official retailers such as https://www.highdefinitiondetail.co.uk/collections/siramik ENDS.