It’s rare that a product like the Pioneer SPH-EVO8TAB-BT shakes the in-car entertainment world like King Kong on a New York Skyscraper, but when it does Pioneer carries the kudos of an A-list movie star.

Thanks to the portable tablet option afforded by this duo, this 8in Capacitive head unit redefines the notion of a double DIN stereo altogether.  Not only that, it benefits from Pioneer’s long-held audiophile reputation for high-end, high-resolution audio quality. Waze, Spotify, Bluetooth® connectivity are accompanied by the endless stream of downloadable apps from the Google Play store.

It’s not often you can call a 4x50w stereo that can cope with every modern-day infotainment need ground-breaking, but with a product as fine as the SPH-EVO8TAB-BT, Pioneer has achieved something very special with this head unit.  The unit is priced at £399.
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