Pie Valley Buggies, along with their mates at Kingfisher Kustoms, led by VW guru, Dave Fisher, has just announced a new chassis option that is intended to offer an update possibility to the thousands of VW Beetle-based kitcars that, by now, could be in need of a chassis change.

Pie Valley MD, Ed Morton, originally came up with a frame based around MGF/TF mechanicals, although he’s since revised this to accept the Volkswagen 1.8 FSI turbocharged unit.

The new chassis has been developed in association with FBS Census and Edge Devil designer, Robin Hall, a very clever man indeed, who has also worked for Land Rover. Robin helped with suspension geometry and set up. This means that handling ability should be assured.

In another development for the Pie Valley boys, Ed and Dave have also created a new chassis option for the Spyders Inc 718 RSK replica, which gives it a period-correct mid-engined layout.

Find out more via www.pievalleybuggies.co.uk or for Kingfisher Kustom activities visit www.kingfisherkustoms.co.uk ENDS.