Polytrol is another of the excellent range of products from Owatrol and it’s a versatile oil that restores dull and/or faded surfaces, including car trim and bumpers.

I used it on a mate’s bumper that was once black but had badly faded, almost to white. The reason is that the oils in the plastics rise to the surface and evaporate over time. I slapped a bit on to the bumper and it miraculously returned to its former glory.

The oil penetrates deep into the material’s surface and so is ideal for restoring gelcoat, plastics, metal and many other surfaces including concrete!

Polytrol also resists corrosion on a treated surface, while I tried it on some bare metal, just to see what happened and hey presto, it restored the shine.

Available in 1-litre, 500ml and a new 250ml spray can. Or you can even get a 100ml sample pot for a fiver. Prices start at £14.69 for the 250ml version. Highly recommended.

More information and ordering details via www.owatroldirect.co.uk ENDS.