Now you can save time and energy when replacing a flat or punctured tyre on a twin axle trailer with the B-G Racing Tyre Changing Ramp.

The Tyre Changing Ramp simplifies the wheel changing process. Simply loosen the wheel nuts/bolts on the damaged wheel and drive the good wheel onto the Tyre Changing Ramp. The damaged wheel is then suspended off the ground allowing for work to be carried out safely and efficiently, before driving the trailer back off the ramp and re-tightening the nuts/bolts.

No more messing around with jacks or makeshift shims; no problems with a jack sinking into the earth when parked on grass (a ribbed base keeps it in place whilst the trailer is driven onto it). Throw one of these B-G Racing Tyre Changing Ramps in the back of the trailer and you’ll be set to tackle a puncture with ease.

Ideal for any twin axle trailer – car trailer, boat trailer, pony trailer etc. etc. Sold individually. Price: £35.99 inc VAT.

For more details call 01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.