The power of the re-imagined and the recreated is undeniably strong at the moment. Retro cars made modern is now a trend for any number of cottage industries turned massively successful businesses in recent years – firms like Singer for its 911 recreations and Eagle for its E-type re-imagining have chiselled out a niche in the classic car marketplace that’s almost impossible to better. There’s a good reason for the obsession as well – modern underpinnings with retro good looks makes an awful lot of sense – practicality with new age performance and economy…What’s not to like?

That’s only part of the reason Powerflex announced its latest Heritage Collection at the recent NEC Classic Motor Show. Initial cars to be covered include icons such as the Mk1 and 2 Escort, Porsche 911, Mk1 Golf, BMW E30 3-series and even the Audi Quattro, but there are likely to be others on the horizon as time ticks by and the range is due to expand significantly to provide new age materials for all manner of classic chassis.

For the last twelve to eighteen months, Powerflex has seen a significant increase in demand for the classic range to become reality, something it’s reacted to by getting development cars in to base the new dark grey range upon. In keeping with the vintage of the vehicles, it has decided to steer clear of the bright purple and yellow that its famous polyurethane range is renowned for. By keeping to a subtle colour it’s hoped classic owners won’t feel at odds with the subtle, tasteful exteriors the range of initial classics are revered for.

Practical performance classics seem to be the focus of the range initially, and by adding new age materials to enhance the comfort, safety and performance of a classic car, Powerflex hopes to win around a new crowd of polyurethane devotees.

As is the case with all of the Powerflex range, you can expect reduced tyre wear, more stable braking performance and precise handling once in the driver’s seat, not to mention the knowledge that your suspension alignment will remain on the money once set.

Such road biased, modern-day materials are said to lend a new feel to any ageing classic, never more so than if the OE rubber bushes have seen their best before the date a few years back.

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