Superb new hard paste wax that I’d like to tell you about. Especially as I’ve had some great success with it.

It’s Lads Nut Wax from the superbly-named The Lads Wax Company based in Northamptonshire. It’s supplied in a quality 225gm tin and has arguably the best and most enticing smell of any polish or wax I’ve ever used.

It says not to apply in direct sunshine but I did and as the image here shows, it brought my BMW X5 up a treat. I’d previously applied Air Glide paint protection to the car’s bodywork and applied Nut Wax over the top in two layers, although the maker’s say more can be added thus building up protection, which they say can be up to three months.

It certainly fulfilled the claims they make for the product – durability, shine and a wet-look. The latter two are evident in the photo I think, and thus far three weeks after I applied it, the car remains clean and shiny. Dust doesn’t seem to be sticking to it as much.

A small amount of the carnauba-rich product should be applied to one panel or area at a time and it should be buffed off with a decent quality microfiber. I found it very easy on; easy off. If the wax is a little hard at first just add a couple of drops of water to the foam applicator to loosen it up. Actually, once a bit of heat is built up it becomes soft to the touch anyway.

A little trick I often use with waxes of this type is to put a small amount in my left palm and use the tips of the fingers of my right hand to gently apply. I find that I can get a good thin layer onto the paint that way. Just be careful with rings or muck on your hands before you go daubing it onto your car. Remember a little goes a long way.

We’ll be running a little feature in TKC MAG very soon on this product.

This is one quality product and it’s now my ‘go to’ hard wax. A 225gm tin costs #40 and is available from or 0843 886 1810 ENDS