With the growing popularity of the Mazda MX-5 as a kitcar donor, it’s understandable and to be expected that we’ll begin to see go-faster tuning parts for the NA (Mk1) and NB (Mk2) engines although amongst the fluff, there’s real quality, like the Turbo Conversion from Derbyshire-based DynoTech, run by Kevin Whitehead.

The kit was launched at last weekend’s Stoneleigh show and really looks like a peach.  It takes power up to around 220bhp and although I really hate the expression, really is ‘plug and play’ in nature.

In addition to the turbocharger, you get everything you need including DynoTech RS-600 ECU, exhaust manifold, down-pipe, intercooler, oil feed, blow-off valve, air-filter, all fittings plus rolling road time to get it all mapped to suit your engine. Judging by the reaction received thus far by the company, they’ll be selling a few.

For more information contact www.dyno-tech.co.uk or 01773 741 230 ENDS.