This one is ideal for kitcars with carburettors …

During the recent hot weather, many kit and classic car owners may have experienced hot starting problems associated with fuel vapour lock on cars equipped with carburettors.

DEI’s new Vapor (note US spelling when ‘Googling’) Block™ Fuel Line Sleeve provides an easy, sensible and low cost solution that prevents rough idling and difficult starting caused by vapour lock.

The sleeve has been designed to greatly reduce heat in the fuel line thus keeping the fuel cooler and below evaporation point. The sleeve installs easily thanks to a split design and adhesive flap. There is More >


Another one for carburettor equipped cars without a return fuel line!

Bad hot starting can be the result of pressure build-up in the fuel feed line of a carburettor equipped car, causing the carburettor to flood either during hot soak or whilst cranking.

Some manufacturers addressed this problem by fitting a fuel return line to the tank. However, this is a cumbersome solution for owners of cars without this feature as it involves making irreversible modifications to the car. Luckily Webcon has the answer.

Webcon’s Fuel Line Pressure Relief Kit provides extra fuel hose, clips and two tee pieces, (one with a valve More >


As part of its year-long 35-year anniversary celebrations, British exhaust manufacturer Milltek Sport has partnered with German watch-making company BRM to produce a limited edition chronograph watch.

The resulting collaboration, based on the BRM Chronographes V6-HB model, is now available to order.

The two firms enjoy a close association, with BRM being the proud sponsor of Milltek Sport Racing in Germany, supporting both GT86 and TCR Golf prepared by the Derbyshire firm’s German motorsport arm.

Limited just 35 crafted pieces, the Milltek x BRM Chrono features all of the hallmarks of this much-loved brand. A polished stainless steel case houses a carbon fibre More >


This latest addition to Sealey’s Premier Black Range of Hand Tools increases the comprehensive selection, which is suitable for daily professional use.

They feature a fully-polished black chrome finish with machined and lacquered surfaces and also incorporate knurled rings for extra grip with oily fingers. The 14-piece set is supplied on a socket rail.

For further details, or to view Sealey’s complete range visit or alternatively call their customer service department on 01284 757 500 ENDS.


A group of friends, Rob Turner, Thomas Cowley, Danny Pomfret and Mark Crates are the men behind the new RoToDaMa (the name comes from the first two letters of the protagonists first names) operation that has launched a forward control cab and pickup back based on Land Rover Discovery, which they’ve rather nicely called the ‘Rediscovery’.

As we know, old Discoverys rot out for fun and hundreds of thousands have met their maker due to rust, as a result. However, under the skin, structurally the cars are usually sound and that is something that Rotodama has literally based their business on.

Rugged, More >


Caterham Cars has secured £1.15 million in new funding from Santander Corporate & Commercial to support the firm’s long-term plan for expansion as well as further develop its UK manufacturing capabilities.

The marque is already established in, and exports to, a large number of markets such as France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and the USA and is investing for growth in these established markets but also new ones such as Taiwan and Colombia.

Santander Corporate & Commercial has become Caterham Car’s new day-to-day banking partner, with the initial funding viewed as potentially the start of a long-term partnership to support the firm’s wider More >


All Purpose Cleaners (APCs) are a vital part of any dedicated car care enthusiast’s arsenal and there are some good ones on the market such as Meguiar’s APC and Grime Out by Britemax.

Another one I like a lot is Outrageous Orange™ by American brand Malco Automotive imported to the UK by the marvellous Slim’s Detailing. Of the many US brands, Malco keeps a low profile but their stuff is of the highest order.

Anyway, Outrageous Orange has a heady scent of orange, is bio-degradable and shifts grease, dirt and grime, for fun.

I was recently offered some ‘garage points’ by ‘er indoors More >


The great thing about quality car care products is that they do specific jobs very well, although it has to be said that some can be used on alternative jobs.

Take tyre dressings. There are literally hundreds available on the market, with many of them utterly useless. There are some good ones though and if you prefer a satin or high gloss look you’ll be well catered for.

Fireball’s Ultimate Tire Coating, which comes in a 500ml bottle and available in red (gloss) or blue (satin) forms is, in my opinion, a good one.

Personally, I prefer the red version as I like More >



Completely designed and manufactured in-house by Jenvey, the new Heritage Throttle Body has been developed with Aston Martin specialist GTC Engineering and boasts all the plus points associated with Individual Throttle Bodies (ITBs), yet manages to marry these with the subtle, understated looks of a period carburettor – ensuring that it won’t look out of place in the engine bays of any classic and retro vehicles.

The Heritage Throttle Body is an entirely homogenous replacement for traditional twin-carb setups that will fit any vehicle currently running any DCOE carburettor model.

Prices start at £620 for a single setup, a pair cost £1120 More >


Classic and kitcars can be easy prey for car thieves. That’s why Moss has now introduced the Classic Tracker and Immobiliser – a secure and reliable tracking service specifically for classic cars, kitcars and motorcycles!

A hidden self-install tracker uses GPS & GSM to establish and maintain the secure-status of your car. In the event of any unauthorised movement or tampering, you receive simultaneous SMS and email alerts and have access to real-time information on an app or the web that allows you to track movement of the vehicle on a moving map.

A remote relay enables you to immobilise your car More >