With the increasing number of hybrid and electric vehicles on the road, the demand from workshops for correctly insulated tools has grown significantly. Kamasa has recently introduced this VDE certified screwdriver set (part no: 56031) and these insulated tools have been designed to protect technicians working on electric and hybrid vehicles and other high voltage applications. The systems in these vehicles can have up to 500 volts running through some cables — enough to cause serious harm.

The set has VDE and GS certification and is IEC rated to 1000 volts and comprises eight interchangeable snap-lock screwdriver blades with a soft More >


Try shopping for oil in your local motor spares shop and you will probably find it difficult to get the proper 20w/50 oil that your classic Mini’s engine was designed to run on.

Try using a modern lighter 10w/40 oil and you’ll quickly find it blowing past your

valve stems and coming out of the exhaust as smoke!

Thankfully Castrol still make 20w/50 oil, branded as Classic 20w/50 and sold in

Retro-style metal containers, and it’s available by mail order from Mini Spares.

Although the price of engine oil has gone up along with petrol recently, Mini Spares are

offering Castrol Classic at £23.32 inc VAT More >


Viper Performance recently launched a range of stainless steel braided hoses and end fittings. Now, the company has released a range of assorted washers and ‘O’ rings to help you fit their products.

The first three in this range are specially designed for use with Viper’s braided hose fittings:

1 Aluminium Crush Washers – A single layer aluminium washer for fuel systems when sealing banjos or adaptors. The aluminium one-time-use crush washer is specifically designed to form against the sealing faces. Contains 70 pieces and retails at £49.99 inc. VAT.

2 Teflon Washers – These washers are particularly well-suited to passing a fuel More >


Performance Wheels, the UK’s sole distributor of Fondmetal wheels has released details of the latest exciting design from the respected Italian manufacturer; the 7900.

This neat-looking new five-spoke rim draws heavily on the construction and material technology developed by Fondmetal in its extensive OEM and Motorsport portfolio, which extends right up to F1™ level. The strength and rigidity values of the wheel vastly exceed both aftermarket and OEM parameters, emphasising Fondmetal’s heritage and experience.

The five-spoke ‘propeller’ design enhances the depth of each spoke’s plane and also the dish of the wheel itself. Two finishes are available; matt black with machine polished More >


For a nitrous oxide system to achieve its best the bottle needs to be at its optimum pressure

of 900 to 1000 psi. With our typical English weather this is usually achieved by heating

the bottle, but until now this was often a matter of guesswork.

DEi/Ny-Trex has introduced a combined bottle heater and pressure regulator to accurately control nitrous bottle pressure and heat the bottles for safe, trouble-free use.

The Accu-Pressure system features an adjustable pressure switch that accurately sets bottle

pressure before use. A mica-band heating element quickly and efficiently heats the bottle in half the time of traditional silicone, blanket-style heating elements, More >


GKD Sportscars has recently appointed a new dealer in Sion, Switzerland, via an operation called Garage VRC, run by Dominique Torrent, a long-established company who specialise in general automotive repairs.

Garage VRC will be supplying the capable BMW-based Legend model to the Swiss domestic market and has already sold several kits and complete examples.

More information from www.garagevrc.ch or for the UK manufacturer, www.gkdsportscars.com ENDS.


This new component from Webcon is aimed primarily at Aston Martins, Ferraris and Maseratis that use the Weber fuel injection filter type FI02 in their EFi systems. Now Webcon can offer the genuine Weber type FI02 fuel injection (part WFF213) filter as a separate item, although it can also be used with aftermarket EFI applications.

It is a fully sealed unit, with a lightweight aluminium alloy casing and filters down to ten microns to ensure no contamination reaches the fuel injectors.

WFF213 is 130mm long and has a diameter of 58mm with an inlet connection of M14 x 1.5 and outlet M12 More >


As a big fan of Scalextric, it made a huge impact on my formative years, I was delighted – nay, deliriously happy – to receive this superb new Scalextric mug adorned with sixties box cover art. It comes from those purveyors of innovative automobilia-related items – Meandmycar.co.uk.

You can really be a kid again everytime you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Hey, but why stop there. What about camomile, green, Darjeeling, beetroot and ginger et al..? This mugnwill appeal to all!

It costs a reasonable £7 and is available from www.meandmycar.co.uk or at the other end of 01865 883 061 ENDS.

More >


Holden Vintage and Classic is known for their vast array of tasteful automotive products and accessories and their new range of Lucas-style toggle switches will appeal to kitcar enthusaists.

Nothing looks more period-correct than proper switchgear in your replica or traditional roadster type kit than these Bakelite switches, but there’s more to these than just meets the eye.

Holden has upgraded them to be compatible with modern electrics and they won’t unduly load-up your electrical system, while of course, will look the part.

A variety of types are available from the Bromyard-based company with prices starting at £7 with more information from www.holden.co.uk or More >


With a seeming renaissance of interest in the Ford Pinto engine for kitcar use, there’s plenty of companies offering tuning parts for the unit.


West Midlands operation, H&H Ignition Solutions has now solved the problem of a lack of a suitable distributor for the venerable old stalwart and the company has recently launched an electronic version with a billet aluminium casing and high performance ignition coil.

Available in a choice of three colours – aluminium, red and blue – each dizzy is produced to suit the customer’s application and all points of tune from bog standard to highly strung can More >