news_burton_power_towing_hookBurton Power will shortly be announcing the dates of its six trackday events for 2016. If you’re planning on going along it’s worth noting that most circuits insist on your car having a front towing eye to allow the recovery team to remove your car from the track in the event of it becoming immobile.

For modern cars this usually involves screwing in the towing eye that came with the vehicle, but for classics the towing eye(s) may not be so conveniently or obviously located (if they were even fitted), which might result in the recovery team resorting to using a bumper or even an anti-roll bar or track rod – with obvious results.

Burton Power is now offering a secure and economic solution in the form of an aftermarket towing eye kit with drillings for different lengths to ensure the loop is mounted to a secure point and protrudes far enough from the vehicle for a recovery team to hitch to without causing unnecessary damage to the rest of the vehicle.

The Towing Eye Kit can be ordered as part number: ‘TOWEYE’ and retails at just £24.95 inc VAT.

More details from 0208 554 2281 or ENDS.