news_laser_brake_rewindLaser Tools reckon you don’t need all those brake rewind tool adaptors! They say they have a better solution. This new brake rewind tool (part number 6329) features an adjustable two-pin adaptor that will fit pistons with a pin distance between 20 – 35mm – this covers many popular vehicle applications.

The big advantage of this rewind tool is that it features a powerful internal spring, which applies firm pressure to the piston as you turn the T-handle to make sure the inner piston mechanism is wound back.

The set also includes an adjustable three-pin adaptor, which is designed for electronic park brake calipers. Again, the ability to adjust the adaptor means that it will fit many vehicle applications. Plus a standard two-pin adaptor is also included that enables it to be used with any piston adaptor, for example, single-pin versions.

The rewind tool and adjustable adaptor set is exclusive to Laser Tools and available now with more details from ENDS.