Jenvey Dynamics has launched its new downdraft throttle body kit for the GM LS3 V8, a very popular engine with kitcar enthusiasts.

news_jenveyJenvey’s new package provides a high-quality downdraft alternative to the crossover option the already offer: “The modular design and light weight of the LS3 downdraft kit is perfect for highly configurable, bespoke vehicle builds where space may be at a premium or customers require a choice of engine bay aesthetics,” says Jenvey Dynamics Ltd. managing director, Mike Jenvey. “Recent testing of the LS3 downdraft kit on an LS376/525 engine showed a 40bhp gain with no torque loss and a huge improvement in response; with some fine tuning the engine gave 585bhp on the full race kit”.

The base LS3 ITB downdraft kit includes eight SFD 52mm parallel bore throttle bodies, a pair of lightweight manifolds with fuel rails to suit the standard injectors, short billet air horns and an optional, easy-to-fit idle air system. The full race kit includes larger SFD 58mm taper throttle bodies and 60mm long carbon air horns.

The throttle bodies are positioned as close together as possible for optimum packaging and designed for the best possible port alignment and minimum flow disruption. Injector positions are machined into the manifold for good emissions control using a billet fuel rail or with optional injectors in the throttle bodies with a large bore steel rail for improved performance.

Manifolds are also machined to take an all metal push fit vacuum rail system. The system is available with a progressive mechanical linkage or as an electronically actuated kit. The Jenvey electronic throttle actuator is the first of its type for aftermarket individual throttle body (ITB) kits, and complements the modular design of the new CKCT04 Chevrolet LS3 downdraft ITBs to help solve packaging problems, provide gains in driveability and optimise performance. It is also compatible with launch control, anti-lag, switchable pedal maps, controllable push-to-pass strategy, pit lane speed control, traction control and variable bank-to-bank control.

news_jenvey_2All Jenvey Dynamics products undergo CAE stress analysis of manifolds to verify OE-quality of components, all of which are CAD developed, prototyped, tested and produced in-house in the UK. Over 25 years of experience enables the company to reduce weight by optimising design and production processes, and by using aircraft-grade aluminium to ensure durability for road or race applications.

The new CKCT04 Chevrolet LS3 downdraft SFD and SFD taper kits add to Jenvey’s extensive range of induction components, including kits for engines by Cosworth, Porsche and BMW. The first batches are now available at the price of £2220. The price as a package to include the ETA2 electronic throttle actuator is £2693.

More information from ENDS.