The advanced paintcare product, Armor All Shield, has outshone all other 24 entrants in the annual Auto Express Product Awards, to win the category of Best Wax & Polish.

Paint protection is at the heart of the Auto Express test and the magazine made it tougher in this year’s awards, not only monitoring water-beading through seven winter weeks but also including regular washing to more closely match what happens in every day motoring. The test procedure also took into account ease of application and price, including the fact that hard waxes are used more slowly than liquid versions.

Announcing Armor All Shield as the More >


Automotive artisan Calibre has released yet another stunning wheel design into the market. The freshly-hued gunmetal GTR, their latest deep-dish design, offers a stunning six-spoke profile, combined with the perfect dish and the all-important deep lip.

As its Eastern good-looks suggest, the wheel is aimed squarely at the Jap and tuner markets, but its superbly understated visage means it will doubtless be a hit on the VAG scene, with fitments being available for all of the usual suspects.

Size wise, you’re spoilt for choice, with staggered 18in offered in either 8in or 9in widths and 19in diameter available in both 8½in and More >


In addition to building the wonderful Buckland B3 Mk2 three-wheeler, Penguin Speed Shop has other strings to their metaphorical bow.

Brilliant Buckland B3 Mk2 from Penguin Speed Shop. This highly versatile company can also supply suspension conversion kits for Speedster replicas, carry out general kit builds and restorations and...

Hot rod building is a passion and their El Penguino Loco 32 has taken top honours at various custom car shows in the last year and indeed featured in tkc mag March/April 2013 and the Sarn-based company now offer GRP ‘replica’ kit versions of it. Personally I’m really pleased that there seems to More >


Toyo Tires has launched an exciting new tyre design that promises the highest levels of safety, grip and wet-weather performance in an attractive case design that comes in many sizes and fitments. The new Proxes CF2 offers outstanding all-round ability and excellent value for money.

Ideal for medium and high-powered cars, the CF2 utilises the very latest materials and production methods, drawing heavily from Toyo’s UHP and Motorsport ranges to create a tyre that offers exceptionally high levels of safety, durability, and comfort.

Safety was high on the wish-lists of Toyo’s engineer’s during the design phase, and this is evident in the More >


Bromyard-based, Holden Vintage and Classic, is a company well-known to kitcar enthusiasts, of course, and as their name suggests they specialise in often hard to find components and accessories that can make the difference when building a period-correct sympathetic replica whether it be Andre Hartford dampers to Bakelite-style toggle switches.

The company is celebrating a marvellous 25-year anniversary in 2013 and have just launched a thumping A4, 428-page catalogue (their tenth), which, I think, sets new standards for such items as it obviously packed with stuff of the essential, distress and impulse variety and features a superb clear and concise layout.

This More >


It stinks, yep ValetPRO’s latest product, acid-free Dragon’s Breath stinks to high heaven, but that was only way they could ensure it removed the iron deposits found in ‘baked-on’ brake dust from a variety of surfaces including chrome, polished alloy wheels, glass and paint (including clear coats) quickly and effectively.

Dragon’s Breath causes a chemical reaction that forces the iron particles contained in brake dust and road grime to change state from solid to water. As the gel begins to work, particles in the iron turn a dark red/purple and can then be wiped away, rinsed or jetted washed-off. It’s so More >


Gloves in a Bottle is a unique hand care emulsion that works with the skin to form a protective shield that prevents chemicals irritating the skin and stops the dryness associated with frequent hand washing.

Unlike hand creams or barrier creams, this ‘shielding lotion’ does not wash-off, will not clog pores and protects skin continually for up to four hours.

We like this product. A lot.

Ideal for use at home or at work, Gloves in a Bottle is quickly absorbed and leaves absolutely no greasy residue on the skin, unlike heavy barrier creams. With Gloves in a Bottle the skin can still More >


We’ve been using Gibbs® Brand maintenance spray in the totalkitcar/tkc mag workshop for several years now and it really is a superb product that really does what it says on the label.

Created back in 1969 in America, by engineer, Paul Gibbs, his eponymous spray is a penetrant that has a multitude of uses for automotive, marine, motorcycle and around the house. It is more expensive than some others but it does a lot more, and does them effectively, too.

Another thing that sets it apart from most competitors is that it doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals and it is also the first More >


Over the years DEI has made quite a name for themselves in the heat protection world. Their latest offering is a pipe-shield that provides heat protection up to 732°C.

The DEI ‘Titanium’ Pipe Shield doesn’t actually contain any titanium but it does give titanium-like protection, the maker’s. The shield is actually made from lava rock fibres and is a two-ply material.

The outer layer is made from pulverised and stranded lava rock with a tightly woven weave for durability and strength. The inner material is made of a special high temperature resistant fabric (89 per cent silica) designed to withstand 176°C more More >


Viper Performance, European distributors of Aeromotive Products has announced a new Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Gauge that is available in two versions. A 0-15psi version for carburettor systems and a 0-100 psi gauge for fuel injection set-ups.

This is a ‘dry’ fuel pressure gauge (i.e. not liquid filled) with a diameter of 1½in and comes with a 1/8in NPT male connection to connect straight onto the regulator in the engine bay.

Order SKU 15632 for the 0-15 PSI version and SKU 15633 for the 0-100 PSI with both priced at £25 inc VAT. For more details, telephone 0845 095 3423 or visit ENDS.

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