A couple of emails into the office of late on the Kougar Sports, primarily asking whether the iconic kit is still available. Well, the answer is yes, but more on the present in a moment. Let’s deal with the past first.

Created by ex-Crosthwaite and Gardner engineer, Rick Stevens, of Uckfield and based on Jaguar S-type mechanicals. Stevens came up with the aluminium-bodied prototype in 1976 and was inspired to produce his own car after his old S-type was looking a little tired.

He reasoned that despite the Jag’s body fit for the scrapyard, if he used the sound mechanicals of the S-type as a basis for a sportscar he could be onto a winner.

The first production version was ready in 1980 with original styling although Stevens did admit to being inspired by the likes of Fraser-Nash TT replica and Healey Silverstone. It was well-received and sold in strong numbers.

A second model arrived in 1979 in the shape of the Monza, although the pretty exotic Italian-inspired model has always played second fiddle to the Sports, which has taken the lion’s share of sales. Meanwhile, Stevens developed the Sports to accept Jaguar XJ6 S3 donor parts, which was a good move given the way that S-types have become so sought after.

Stevens sold the projects in 1990 and they subsequently passed through several hands – in varying degrees of success – before arriving at the workshop of classic Jaguar specialist Simon Dunford in 2001.

Simon developed the Mk4 version of the Sports, which dispensed with the distinctive chrome grille and flowing front wings, while the Monza although not put on the back burner, was left to tick over.

Tenterden-based Dunford’s main business is producing glorious Jaguar C- and D-type replicas and toolroom copies, which keep him exceedingly busy but he recently revisited the Sports and Monza kits once again, even re-introducing the classic version of the Sports (the one with the grille and front wings) complete with S-type donor – if required.

Sports Mk4 kits are available from £12,995 with the Classic version at £12,500 and that price includes the spaceframe chassis, front wishbones, steering arms and GRP package. Monza kits cost £15,950, incidentally.

Fully built Sports Mk4s start at £44,995.

For more information on this pair of classic kitcars visit www.classic-jaguar-racing.co.uk or call 01797 270 988 ENDS.