The traditional upholstery or sail eyelet is used on many applications, from a host of different kitcar models on their hoods and tonneau covers to utility vehicle tarpaulin covers, and especially on boat and yacht sails.

The two-piece eyelets are readily available but how do you fit them? Reach for this new specialist riveting tool (part number 77157) from Gunson.

This is a precision-machined punch and die tool, manufactured in Sheffield. It is a traditional riveting hand-tool, used with a hammer to complete the riveting action. Each piece of the eyelet is placed either side of the pre-cut hole in the material; then, working on a solid, hard surface, a few sharp taps with the hammer are all that are required to ensure a good, tight and neatly riveted eyelet.

There are many uses across automotive, commercial and marine applications.

Very good value for such a precision tool, the Gunson 77157 is available now from your local stockist and typically priced at £36.58 inc VAT.

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