Dutch sportscar legend, Joop Donkervoort, has commemorated his 70thbirthday this week with his eponymous Donkervoort Automobielen announcing the new JD70 supercar.

Powered by an optimised version of the crushingly strong Audi Sport 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbocharged motor, the JD70 will weigh less than 700kg and will be suitable for both road and track.

Performance figures for the JD70, which will start from €163, 636.36, will be released closer to its planned spring, 2020 reveal. Only seventy JD70s will be built – one for each year of Joop’s life (so far!).

Donkervoort tasked his team to develop the innovative JD70 at their Lelystad headquarters and More >


Mirka has added a new product to its Direct Electric Random Orbital Sander (DEROS) line-up with the arrival of the new DEROS 77mm.

The tool’s compact size makes it easy to use and enables it to get into confined spaces. It has a low-profile, which means the tool works close to the surface and means that you can control the sanding process much more easily.

It is available in a 2.5mm orbit delivering a smooth overall experience, ideal in post-paint conditions, or a 5mm orbit, which enables users to remove paint quickly and efficiently.

DEROS 77mm retails at £502.72 inc VAT and is More >


Leading car care brand, Meguiar’s, has introduced an exciting new product to its impressive line of premium products, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. This professional-strength cleaner is formulated specifically for stain removal, performing general cleaning and freshening the entire interior with odour eliminating technology.

This specialised formula is a fast-acting foam that quickly penetrates and dissolves stains from the bottom up for deep down cleaning. An effective blend of cleaners and surface-active agents remove the toughest of stains and help to restore a like-new appearance on automotive carpet and upholstery without leaving behind any unwanted residue.

Meguiar’s® Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner also implements More >


Be part of the GAZ Team with these new GAZ Shocks T-Shirts.

They come in GAZ Blue (what else would you expect?) with a GAZ Shocks logo on the front and the GAZ website address on the back.

There are also Facebook and Instagram logos on the sleeves to remind everyone to follow GAZ on social media.

Send GAZ a picture of yourself wearing your T-Shirt next to your car and you might even find yourself featured on the GAZ Facebook page!

GAZ T-Shirts come in various sizes and cost just £14.99 inc VAT plus postage.

For further details visit the GAZ website: ENDS.


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On an A-Series engine the primary gear thrust washers are made in varying sizes to take up any play.

The standard gap size should be between 3-6 thou, but Mini Spares offers various shims (DAM6486-7-8-9-90-92) as alternatives which step up in two thou increments (which is the recommended tolerance).

Now Mini Spares has introduced a new thrust washer for the 1275cc crankshaft – part number DAM6492 – which is wider in width, to counteract wear. DAM6492 is 122-124in thick making it the thickest shim available in this range.

Retail price £29.40 inc VAT.

For more details contact Mini Spares on 01707 607 700 or More >


The Weber DCD has been used on classic cars since the 1960s and is still on sale today.

However, if left in damp conditions for any length of time the starter valve has a tendency to seize and this leads to starting problems.

You can now service the entire starter valve assembly easily and cheaply with Webcon’s new DCD Starter Valve Kit.

Part number 5860000700K contains a genuine Weber starter valve, bush, spring and retaining ring and is competitively priced at just £37.80 inc VAT.

Available now from 01932 787 100 or via ENDS.


General Motors introduced the High-Energy Ignition (HEI) ignition system in 1975. A huge advance on the traditional points-type distributor, the HEI distributor eliminated the wear issues and poor high-energy capacity of breaker points to produce higher levels of spark energy at a constant output over a wider RPM range.

45 years on, is an HEI system still a good choice? A modern system like a Davis Unified Ignition (DUI) HEI distributor can be a viable alternative to a Capacitive Discharge ignition:

One of the biggest benefits of running a DUI is that Performance Distributors gives every distributor a custom advance curve based More >



Exciting new arrival from our mates Phil Edwards (Aries Motorsport) and Andy Bates (AB Performance), which is full of innovation and undoubtedly massive potential.

It’s based on the AB/Aries Arion, a full-bodied kit, obviously, and one we featured in TKC Mag a year or so back. We loved it, by the way. Owned by Gary ‘The Rocking Rev’ Gotham at the time, it was the first road-going Arion. Gary can regularly be seen around his Wiltshire home – and well beyond – enjoying his Arion

Meanwhile, the new arrival uses the Arion’s spaceframe chassis, which cunningly means that the More >


Spire’s RB7 drivers, John Cutmore (left) and Dave Watson

Brand new from Spire Sports Cars is the new RB7, built to compete in the CSSC ‘Mag 7’ Series, driven by Dave Watson and John Cutmore.

The chassis is based on Spire’s front-engined RGB car and both are fitted with RLM-prepared 1440cc Suzuki Hayabusa engines, Elite MX200 diffs, Tim Gray Motorsport air paddle-shift systems, new billet front uprights with vented discs all round and Image rims with Avon tyres.

A delighted Dave Watson after his race win in the CSSC’s Mag7 Series at Anglesey recently.

Spire boss, Paul Nightingale told me: “We ran the first More >


Meguiar’s has introduced a new addition to its premium Ultimate line of products, Meguiar’s® Ultimate Tyre Shine™. This brand-new formula is Meguiar’s highest gloss tyre shine to date for customers who want a soaking wet-look shine for their tyres.

With advanced synthetic polymer chemistry, the aerosol spray formula delivers extreme, attention-grabbing depth with amazing gloss and shine. The product contains enhanced resin technology producing an amazing bond for a long-lasting finish.

Included Anti-ozonates also protect tyres against cracking and fading over time while the self-spreading formula is easy to work with reducing streaks and runs.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Tyre Shine comes in a 15 oz/425g More >