An agreement with Lucas Oil gives the US oil manufacturer branding rights over the left lane at the Shakespeare County Raceway. The move formalises a working relationship with the Warwickshire drag strip that stretches back for over five years.

Lucas Oil the US manufacturer of oils, lubricants and additives has confirmed that it will be an official sponsor of the left lane at Shakespeare County Raceway (SCR) next season.

Shakespeare County Raceway Event Manager, Jerry Cookson says that most of the teams already use Lucas Oil and because so many of them are sponsored in some form or another by the American More >


Preventing damp and the build-up of moisture can often be remedied by simply opening a window. But in unheated spaces, such as a garage with valuable cars and bikes, this is not an option.

One of the biggest worries for many vehicle owners is how to keep their garage dry in the winter months to avoid damage to upholstery from the damp, cold British winter. Nothing is worse than returning after the winter, or even just a few weeks, to be welcomed to a musty smell, which is an indication of a damp or mould problem. Simply opening a window is More >


Perfectly-prepared tyres – or otherwise – can make or break the look of any car, so ever-keen to make the wash-day routine as easy as possible, the Royal-warranted car care gurus at Autoglym have created an all-new High Performance Tyre Gel that can pimp a Pirelli, fire up a Firestone or even titivate a Toyo as the work of mere moments.

Having heeded the requests of loyal customers and industry professionals, Autoglym’s tireless lab boffins took the very best product elements previously available – and added in some clever new tricks to create a solution that’s suitable for all vehicles and More >


Auto Meter’s new AirDrive gauges and tachometers are sure to attract totalkitcar readers. They have the classic Auto Meter look and the accuracy the brand is famous for, of course. But you also get gauges that can display valuable engine and other data sent wirelessly from your vehicle’s ECU.

AirDrive Gauges are easy to install – just mount them where you like (Auto Meter Gauge Pods make this a no-brainer), wire them to ground and a 12-volt power source, then connect them to the AirDrive module (sold separately).

The module plugs into the vehicle’s OBDII port and wirelessly sends inputs from the More >


In the modern motor vehicle accurate angle measurement is becoming more and more important, with engine and suspension components needing to be set up and maintained using accurate angle measuring instruments. This new digital inclinometer from Laser Tools (part number 6657) is a digital angle gauge or digital protractor and offers exceptional accuracy (±0.2º).

Equipped with a built-in magnet in the base, the 6657 is designed for measuring angles on metal and other surfaces, and is ideal for engine setting up (for example on Citroen/Peugeot variable valve timing setting and checking where an OEM special tool would be used), or for More >


New from Lucas Oil is this, an additive that they claim establishes new benchmarks in engine treatment technology that was officially launched at AutoSport International last weekend.

Complete Engine Treatment provides answers to a range of potential maintenance issues in a single shot. Each delivers lubricating protection for either the engine block or the fuel system.

In petrol or diesel fuel systems, Complete Engine Treatment cleans and lubricates every component from the fuel tank to the engine cylinders. Tars, varnishes and other deposits on valves and cylinder heads are removed. Upper cylinder walls, compression rings and oil rings are lubricated. The results, More >


Better Car Lighting is well-known for their innovative solutions to er, better car lighting.

Cars with pop-up headlights might have helped aerodynamics but that perceived benefit was frequently offset by having side-lights mounted way down low, meaning they were very inefficient as a result.

Better Car Lighting’s solution is a discreet daytime running light system that features a special LED light unit that is just 5mm thick with a diameter of 29mm.

It connects up via an adaptor that replaces the original bulb and is many times brighter than standard, every time the ignition is switched on.

The kit is comprehensive and very easy-to-fit More >


The Toyo T1-Sport has been one of its maker’s most successful products, a tyre able to perform at the limit on the road, and in all seasons and conditions. This multi-faceted ability has made it a firm favourite, in the process earning it an enviable reputation.

Never one to rest on its collective laurels, Toyo has wasted no time in drawing up a replacement for the T1-Sport, the Proxes Sport, a tyre that builds on the company’s decades worth of experience to deliver superior wet and dry weather handling, stopping and comfort.

One of Toyo’s undoubted strengths is its ability to design More >


Milltek Innovations has announced that it will be the exclusive UK distributor for the beautifully-made, German-built Liteblox motorsport batteries.

Having proven the worth of these super-light, ultra-tough motorsport batteries over two seasons in its own motorsport programme, Milltek has now brought the range over to the UK, unveiling it at the recent Autosport show.

Well-known in its native Germany, Liteblox has built up quite a reputation for its products amongst leading race teams and discerning top end tuners – and it’s not hard to see why. To begin with, the units offer a substantial weight saving over a traditional lead-acid battery – More >


Keeping our cars looking half respectable in the winter months can be a chore, especially if like me you hate dirty motors.

Waterless polish is a good solution that works for me, while Speed Wax from Muc Off is a good second-coat process during colder months, when really the last thing you want to be doing is freezing outside for hours on end detailing your car!

It’s worked well for me, so I recommend it without hesitation. It gives a high-gloss, almost wet-look shine that doesn’t need a load of buffing and fannying about.

Speed Wax actually has multiple uses, and can be used More >

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