Now here is a treat for your ears from a pair of petrolheads based in the UK.

My Dad’s Car is a trip down memory lane, recalling vehicles from yesteryear with a selected guest who may or may not choose to cite their father’s choice of wheels for the benefit of the tape.

In the interest of representation, mothers, aunts, siblings, grandparents, friends and neighbours’ cars are all equally welcome as conversation starters too.

Created by Andy Gregory and Jon Recknell, the duo are ex-colleagues from a car and cycling accessories shop who have since forged individual careers for themselves in automotive marketing, before joining back together for this nostalgic and wonderful audio adventure.

Adding in their own experiences from childhood and sprinkling some comedy seasoning on top, the pair encourage lighthearted discussions about earliest motoring memories, including steering wheel tapping, how cars were bought and sold and any particular quirks or breakdowns that may have left a lasting impression on their guest.

Having edited and published ten episodes in Season 1, Season 2 returns in July 2023 with a varied guest lineup and will update every fortnight on all good podcast platforms.

Alternatively, you can catch them on and follow their stories on Instagram or Facebook ENDS.