Back in the eighties when I was really into Formula Ford, Sports 2000 and club motorsport in general (let’s not forget the Kit Cars & Specials Kit Car Challenge!) there were some drivers I avidly followed and most of them were proper old school. They’d turn up and drive anything.

I was really into Dave Coyne, Tommy Byrne (a genius), a young Martin Brundle (when he was in F3 and competing tooth and nail with a young Brazilian hotshot called Ayrton Senna de Silva). However, they all paled into insignificance when compared to my hero Gerry Marshall.

Another driver I always followed was an affable bloke with long hair called Ian Flux.

I liked him because he was really good, fearless, didn’t take stuff too seriously and he’d always be in the bar after the day’s racing had finished. However, he was actually very talented.

This new book from EVRO Publishing delighted me when I saw it on their schedule.

It’s a long, long overdue autobiography by the man himself and it covers the highs and many lows of this colourful character’s life and career.

Flux never got the breaks he deserved and his ‘live life to the full’ demeanour belies the fact that he won five championship titles in his career.

An incorrigible practical joker and prankster, some of this book is incredibly funny but the dark times Flux describes help add up to a brilliant and very different racing driver’s memoir. Very poignant at times.

Naturally enough Flux begins at the beginning with tales of growing up on a farm, messing about with karts aged 6, lots of laughs about schooldays but then a darker, horrific story of sexual abuse from a teacher and an early racing mentor.

Then the story ignites as Flux charts his rise through Karts, Formula Vee, working for the Token and (Graham Hill’s) Embassy F1 teams.

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Drives in F3 and Formula Atlantic while still working for a living including a spell as MotoGP legend Giacomo Agostini’s mechanic. Hilarious and entertaining time of his life.

Flux also recalls Sports 2000 and Thundersports (he won titles in both) and Thundersaloons, BTCC in 1988, the TVR Tuscan Challenge and the British GT Championship.

With 50 years of racing under his belt if you are aware of ‘Fluxie’ you’ll love this and if you’re not, you’ll love this.

Buy it! A great (forgive me) Christmas gift idea for a motorsport fan

By – Ian Flux with Matt James

Published by: – EVRO Publishing –

ISBN: – 1 910 505 694

RRP: £25