Over the years it has become apparent that the fitment of 45DCOE carburettors to certain newer types of engines (such as Ford Zetec and Duratec) will result in a flat spot just off idle that no amount of calibration will eradicate.

Webcon has studied this characteristic in detail and has developed a very specific procedure to modify three or four progression hole models to five progression holes. This delivers the precise extra amount of mixture in the progression phase to overcome this flat-spot resulting in a smoother more progressive transition from idle to main.

Burton Power has announced that it now has stocks of these modified carburettors.

Order a complete kit as part number WEB17900.258 at £1165 inc VAT. The kit includes two carburettors jetted for a standard 2-litre Zetec E/Duratec HE I4.

Includes balance linkage and a banjo T.
calibrated as follows:

Venturi 36mm

Aux Venturi 4.5

Main Jet 145

Air Corrector 155

Emulsion Tube F16

Idle Jet 55F8

Needle Valve 200

Pump Jet 45

Pump Spill 40

For further details contact Burton Power on the other end of 0208 554 2281 or visit www.burtonpower.com ENDS.