Founded in 1996 by Los Angeles car wash entrepreneur, Tunch Goren 3D Car Care has risen to become one of the USA’s leading car care brands and they launched in the UK in 2022.

We recently had the chance to sample their Bead It Up product, which is essentially a gloss-enhancing quick detailer.

It’s one of the nicest products of its type that I’ve ever used and is a true easy-on-easy-off potion that sprays on and wipes off. It leaves behind a great level of shine and also manages to give your paintwork a very smooth, soft feel.

When it rained the ‘beads’ there were crazy levels of beads, I guess the name of the product gives that away! the gloss stuck around for a lot longer than normal and when I next washed the car the crud seemed to fall off a lot easier.

A 472ml spray bottle costs £14.99, which is exceptional value at that price.

A recommended product for sure.

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