Summit Racing™ Air Cleaner Spacers fit between the carburettor neck flange and the air filter assembly, providing additional clearance for carburettor linkage, return springs, fuel lines, and electric chokes.

The billet aluminium spacers have an O-ring seal that seals to the air cleaner base to prevent dust from getting inside. You may need a longer air cleaner stud depending on the height of the spacer you use and the design of the air cleaner. The Summit Racing Air Cleaner Spacers fit most carburettors with a 5 1/8in neck.
Billet Aluminium Spacer Heights: ½in, ¾in, 1in, 1¼in, 1½in, 1¾in and 2in
Plastic Spacer Heights: ½in, ¾in, 1in and 2in

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