Redhorse Performance builds a lot of quality into its AN hose, fittings, and other performance plumbing components. The company does its design work in-house and CNC-machines every part to very tight tolerances. Redhorse is so sure its stuff is so good, it backs all fittings and adapters with a limited lifetime warranty.

Swivel-Seal AN Hose Ends
Redhorse Performance swivel-seal AN hose ends have a double-swivel design for easy clocking and double Viton O-ring seals for leak-free performance with a wide range of fuel and fluids. The 6061 T6 aluminium hose ends are cut on CNC machine turning centres for superior thread strength and smooth assembly. Hand-polishing and colour-consistent anodising add the final touch of quality. The hose ends are available with black, clear, or red/blue anodized finishes.

1000 Series AN Hose Ends
Available Sizes: -4AN to -20AN
Available Configurations: straight, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 150°, 180°

1200 Series PTFE Hose Ends
Available Sizes: -4 AN, -6AN, -8AN, -10AN
Available Configurations: straight, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 150°, 180°

1300 Series ORB Hose Ends save space and money by eliminating the need for an ORB adapter. They’re ideal for fuel rails, pumps, regulators, inline filters and other components with ORB ports.
Available Sizes: -6AN, -8AN, -10AN, -12AN
Available Configurations: straight, 45° and 90°

1490 Series Low-Profile to ORB Hose Ends
Available Sizes: -6AN, -8AN, -10AN
Available Configurations: 90°

Quick-Connect Hose Ends connect to 5/16in and 3/8in OEM EFI system hard lines without the use of an adapter.
Available Sizes: -6AN and -8AN
Available Configurations: straight, 45°, 90° 180°

AN Hose 
Summit Racing carries several types of Redhorse Performance AN hose including these:

235 Series Premium Nylon Braided Hose and 205 Series Stainless Braided Hose have a dual-layer inner tube of Epichlorohydrin (ECO) and Fluoro-elastomer that is compatible with E85, methanol and petrol. They also have a full stainless steel underbraid layer. The 235 Series Hose has a black braided nylon cover, and the 205 Series hose has a stainless-steel braided cover.

302 Series and 303 Series PTFE Hose have a smooth bore, dual-layer PTFE inner tube with a conductive core that eliminates the risk of electrostatic discharge. The 302 Series Hose has a black braided nylon cover and the 303 Series hose has a stainless steel braided cover.

Inline Fuel Filters
Redhorse Performance Inline Fuel Filters have CNC-machined bodies with the male AN inlet and outlet flares built into the filter body to reduce fuel pressure drop. The 4151 Series Fuel Filters have an element that filters down to 100 microns and are available for -6AN and -8AN fuel line. The 4651 Series Fuel Filters are available with 10, 12, 40, or 100 micron elements for -6AN, -8AN, -10AN, and -12AN fuel line.

Summit Racing also carries other Redhorse Performance products including push-lock fittings and hose; carburettor fuel line kits; hose clamps and separators; and a huge selection of adapters, couplers, and unions to finish your vehicle’s plumbing systems.