Winter is on its way. Time to check or change your antifreeze! Before you do, though, make sure your cooling system is in tip-top condition by flushing out all the rust debris and mineral deposits left behind from the radiator core and hose lines with DEI’s Radiator Relief™ Cooling System Flush.

This is a concentrated cleansing agent that effectively removes rust and mineral deposits left behind in the radiator core and hose lines. This advanced treatment also dissolves oily residue build-up left behind in old anti-freeze and coolant mixtures due to external contaminants.

The product helps maintain optimum efficiency and prevent cylinder head corrosion on both alloy and cast iron heads.

Now you’ve restored the efficiency of your cooling system, give it a boost with DEI’s Heater Hotter™.

The product is formulated specifically to accelerate the transfer of heat from the engine to the cooling system in cold conditions and thereby reduce engine wear.

Heater Hotter’s™ unique formula allows your vehicle’s heater to warm up 50 per cent faster in even sub-zero temperatures and is safe to mix with all types of anti-freeze. Simply add to the radiator. Winter driving will be more comfortable and safer when the heater reaches temperature faster and the windows demist quicker. Minimising engine wear is an added bonus.

Order DEI Radiator Relief™ Cooling System Flush as part number 040202 and DEI Heater Hotter™ as part number 040206. Both have a recommended retail price of £10.94 inc. VAT per 473ml bottle. Available in the UK from

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