The Clarke IT1500 is an easy-to-use portable induction heater kit suitable for use in garages and workshop environments.

This tool kit offers an energy-efficient design providing a safer and more economical alternative to brazing torches or similar heating methods. This product is supplied with a convenient carry case and an assortment of coils.

20mm, 26mm and 32mm Tubular Heating Coils: For heating nuts, fasteners, bolts, 02 sensors etc.

55mm Flat Heating Coil: For removing stickers, graphics, emblems, body mouldings etc.

295mm U-Shaped Coil: For performing the work of other coils but can be customised to remove and repair dents.

1000mm Flexible Coil: For clearing race from the axle housing, frozen 02 sensors, removing ball joints and tie rod ends.

The IT1500 offers simple operation by just placing a suitable coil over or around the ferrous material.

There is an induction element for fast and effective heat delivery as well as a handy LED light for increased visibility.

WARNING: During heating up, smoke may occur at the head of the heating coils due to high temperature, which is normal. These heating coils are consumables and if a large amount of the heating coil skin has fallen off Machine Mart recommends replacing the heating with a new heating coil.

View online here Priced at £454.80 inc VAT.

Elsewhere, Machine Mart has also released the Clarke 3400770 Six Piece Induction Heating Coil Set to provide backup or replacement coils for anyone purchasing the IT1500.

Available here for £59.98 inc VAT ENDS.