Created by a chap called Mervyn Edwards who was based in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

As often happens he was disillusioned by proprietary kits on the market so decided that he could do better himself. I’ve heard that one time and time again.

With commercial aspirations, he decided to offer ‘replicas’ and spelt his Christian name backwards to get Nyvrem! So, NYVREM Cars was born in 1987.

The car featured Ford Cortina running gear and was the culmination of a lifelong dream by Edwards to build his own car.

Mervyn managed to obtain a grant from the Department of Industry, while a local Somerset businessman, Bob Wayne helped fund the prototype and even provided the impressive premises.

Edwards’ initial intention was to sell the car in fully built only guise before relenting and offering it in kit form. I remember a massively rugged chassis, probably inspired by a Challenger tank, while the running gear was, as mentioned, Ford Cortina except for the engine as the Cologne V6 in either 2.3 or 2.8-litre guises were the preferred choices …

The only two Nyvrem Nirvanas produced pictured at Castle Combe in 1987

In addition to the looks and questionable ‘nose-up’ rather than classic ‘down’ stance, the kit price of £12,000 (£24,585 in today’s money!) less engine and gearbox probably put people off, especially as you could go and buy a brand-new Ford XR3 or even a VW Golf GTI for less! Crikey, even a top-of-the-shop Escort RS Turbo only cost £10,000 back then!

Brothers Ian and Michael Hayles helped Edwards build the prototype and first production car. There were only two made.

By the way, the dictionary meaning for ‘Nirvana’ is from a Buddhist word meaning ‘seeking absolute beauty and perfection.’

Nyvrem Cars 1987-88

Approx 2 made