HP Tuners has announced the launch of its new MPVI3 multi-protocol vehicle interface, a next-generation OBD-II dongle that retains the existing advantages of its predecessors and builds on them with revised hardware and helpful features.

MPVI3 will be available to order on the HP Tuners website from September 2022 with an RRP of £328.49. HP Tuners will also offer an MPVI3 Interface Upgrade Service available for any previous generation device from early December 2022.

Like many companies around the globe, HP Tuners has faced numerous supply chain disruptions over the past year, especially with key components like microcontrollers and other semiconductors. This situation presented a unique opportunity for the company to further innovate its flagship product to not only meet supply challenges but also to continue delivering what the company believes to be the most complete and cost-effective line-up of tuning and data acquisition products for enthusiasts and professional workshops alike.

MPVI3: additional features

  • Integrated with Pro Feature Set capabilities as standard
  • Double the storage capacity at 8GB
  • Faster Standalone Datalogging
  • Higher resolution accelerometer
  • System developed to welcome future support and upgrades

While the MPVI3 dongle is the physical interface between the car and the tuner, VCM Suite provides comprehensive scanning, diagnostic, logging and calibration software.

The software suite consists of two primary tools: VCM Editor is the programme that allows operators to adjust a multitude of complex parameters; and VCM Scanner is the feature-rich programme that allows operators to view, chart and log diagnostic data in real-time through the OBD-II port. Both tools are intuitive to use and offer higher data integrity and reliability than any other commercial package.

VCM Suite also offers Standalone Datalogging, which allows the user to log directly into the MPVI3’s internal storage and collect live driving data without being tethered to a computer. This information can then be evaluated and customised at the operator’s convenience from a PC or laptop.

To learn more about the new HP Tuners interface and all its benefits, visit www.hptuners.eu ENDS.