The Vital Spark Group (, the progressive Cotswolds electric car business that recently purchased the Sebring International marque has recently completed an agreement with The Speedster Clinic (, manufacturers of speedster bodyshells and parts, which is a partnership to build turnkey electric 356 Speedster replicas.

Vital Spark, makers of electric Sebring Healey replicas has announced a deal with The Speedster Clinic to produce electric Speedsters. This isn’t a photo of an electric version but is used for illustrative purposes.

Located in Warwickshire, The Speedster Clinic has been building and maintaining 356 Speedsters for over 20 years and has unrivalled experience with them.

Vital Spark Group, is based in Warwickshire and Gloucestershire and has deep knowledge in the electrification of classic cars and has developed its own electric skateboard chassis suitable for various applications.

Gary Blundall, owner and founder of The Speedster Clinic, commented: “This is an exciting partnership bringing complementary offerings together, at a time when demand for both retro vehicles and electric cars is growing at a staggering pace.”

The new electric Speedster, utilising the Vital Spark skateboard chassis, will go to market under the Sebring Sportscar brand ( Following Vital Spark’s acquisition of Sebring International in 2021, it will sit alongside the all-electric Sebring Healey 3000 replica.

 “Sebring Sportscars is synonymous with exclusive, electric vehicles that revive the past and light a fire in all like-minded people who love and live the lifestyle and want to become a member of the scene. This partnership adds another motoring experience for enthusiasts.” … stated Rebecca Denyer, marketing director, co-founder and head of happiness at Vital Spark.

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