In the event of an accident, being seen on a busy road is of paramount importance, and therefore lighting specialist OSRAM has launched the OSRAM LEDguardian®TRUCK FLARE Signal.

The LED warning light is visible from a great distance and can warn drivers about a dangerous situation on the road by actively flashing, compared to the simple reflection such as that of a warning triangle.

The TRUCK FLARE can be used as a warning light, as it has an amber flashing light function and an uninterrupted operating time of at least fifteen hours. It also has a bright white torch light function, allowing drivers to take a closer look at their vehicle in dark or dimly lit situations.

With six long-life, high-power LEDs with up to 6000K, drivers can draw attention to a breakdown by day and night, and preventively alert and warn other road users of a dangerous situation.

The compact design means the warning light can be stored within easy reach in the vehicle and, if required, it can be set up quickly and easily directly next to a warning triangle thanks to the fold-out, robust and non-slip feet.

The LEDguardian TRUCK FLARE Signal TA19 has been tested and validated in OSRAM’s DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 certified environmental simulation laboratory for extreme external influences in terms of water, dust, heat, cold and impacts from falls.

With an IP54 protection class, the OSRAM LEDguardian TRUCK FLARE Signal TA19 is resistant to the ingress of water and dust.

The TRUCK FLARE Signal can be purchased at the SRP of £38.99 inc VAT.

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