Here’s one primarily for our North American readers.

Your engine’s air/fuel ratio is critical to improved performance, especially if it’s a turbo or supercharged engine. The best way to keep an eye on your air/fuel ratio is by measuring oxygen levels in your exhaust system with an Innovate Motorsports Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge.  

The gauges feature DirectDigital™ signal processing and Advanced Sensor Control that samples oxygen sensor data faster and more frequently so you get a real-time picture of the air/fuel ratio at any point in the engine’s powerband.

They also have a serial in/out for use with Innovate’s Modular Tuning System (MTS)-enabled devices to add additional logging channels. Data can be logged on your PC with free LogWorks software. The gauges are compatible with petrol, diesel, and E85 fuels.

Summit Racing carries several types of Innovate Motorsports Air/Fuel Ratio Gauges including these:

The MTX-OL Plus gauge does the same thing the MTX-L does but has an easy-to-read, high-contrast OLED display. The MTX-OL also has a configurable linear 0-5-volt analogue oxygen sensor output for use with piggyback or stand-alone ECUs and external dataloggers.

The DLG-1 allows you to monitor the left and right exhaust banks of a V-style engine at the same time. No PC is required for additional configuration and the sensors install easily with plug-and-play connections. The user-configurable OLED display (AFR or Lambda) provides multiple ways to display data.

The DLG-1 has a configurable linear 0-5-volt analogue output for use with piggyback or standalone ECUs as well as external dataloggers. Two Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband oxygen sensors are included.

The PSB-1 combines an air/fuel ratio gauge with a boost safety override in one unit. It has a programmable boost safety that allows you to cut boost by pressure or by a lean air/fuel condition.