Westfield Sports Cars were out in force at Stoneleigh 2022 and the company reports good order books. They are particularly flying with their Chesil Speedster both in kit and fully built formats

Although the Chesil E electric version is attracting a lot of attention – not to mention orders – the traditional Beetle-based original is still doing well.

The Classic Chesil with air-cooled engine costs from £32,995 in VAT in complete kit form or from £41,170 inc VAT in fully built guise.

Meanwhile, the electric Chesil E with 120kW motor (0-60mph in under five seconds!) that gives an approximate range of 200-miles on a full charge remains the only electric kit that you can buy in the UK (others are hot on its heels and preparing kit packages) costs from £66,500 inc VAT in comprehensive kit form or from £73,210 inc VAT fully built.

More information from www.westfield-sportscars.co.uk or 01384 400 077 ENDS.