Machine Mart’s range of Clarke Green Garage/Workshop units are very popular with kitcar enthusiasts looking to protect their pride and joy, or with those who want some extra workspace without the costs involved with building or extending a permanent structure.

The biggest garage currently available in the range is the Clarke CIG81224, measuring 24ft in length and 12ftin wide, however, that is soon about to change …

Available soon, Clarke is adding two SUPERSIZED models, measuring 32ft and 40ft long, respectively! These two models are designed for use with much larger vehicles such as vans, boats, camper vans and coaches.

The Clarke CIG1432 X-Large Garage is the smaller of the two new models but still measures 32ft long, 14ft wide and 12ft high.

For bigger vehicles or even more space, the Clarke CIG1640 XX-Large Garage is 40ft long, 16ft wide and 14½ft high!

Both models feature tough triple layer 305 g/m², waterproof, woven polyethylene fabric that is fully UV-treated for long term protection against sun and rain. Both models are also constructed from heavy-duty powdercoated steel mainframe tubing but while the tubing on the CIG1432 is 1½in diameter, the CIG1640 has 2 3/8in tubing to support its extra size.

To help make assembly as quick and easy as possible, both garages are built using simple push-fit connections.

Both the CIG1432 and CIG164 have ratchet tight cover tensioning and cross rails, to provide optimal cover tightening and give the garage a neat look. The round roof on the CIG1432 and the apex roof on the CIG1640 both make it easier for the rain to run straight off.

The CIG1432 is available here–workshop–green/

The CIG1640 is online here–workshop—gre/

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