DEI has just added heat resistant Knitted Sleeves to its range of titanium heat protection products.

The sleeves are available in two different pre-cut lengths – 30.48cm (12in) and 60.96cm (24in).

The knitted sleeves are designed to fit around – and insulate – exhaust pipes to prevent the transfer of heat to surrounding components and the passenger compartment.

They are also ideal protection against burns from kitcars and trucks with exposed exhausts.

The DEI Titanium Knitted Sleeves have a maximum temperature rating of 1800o F (approx. 982oC) with a continuous rating of 1382oF (750oC).

The Titanium Knitted Sleeves are designed to fit 4in (10.16cm) O.D. pipe but can expand up to one and a half times in diameter allowing them to be installed over flanges, joints and sensors.

The Titanium Knitted Sleeves can be cut to length and the ends finished by simply rolling.

Order the 12in long DEI Titanium Knitted Sleeve as 10038 at £30.62
Order the 24in long DEI Titanium Knitted Sleeve as 10040 at £49.52
Prices are subject to import tax and shipping.

For more information about this and DEI’s complete line of performance heat and sound control products, visit ENDS.