Mini Spares is pleased to announce it can once again supply its exclusive Rose Petal 4¾in  x 10 alloy wheels.

The Mini Spares Rose Petal is a faithful reproduction of the classic 1960s wheel.

The modern wheels benefit from Mini Spares’ own tooling; top specification compound materials and heat treatment make them suitable for FIA Historic race use as well as road cars.

Rose Petal wheels easily clear Mini Spares C-AJJ4023 four-pot alloy calipers with the solid Cooper S discs when the supplied spacers are used. (If vented discs are used shorter bleed nipples and extra wheel spacers will be required).

Each wheel is supplied with a wheel spacer and two sets of stainless wheel nuts for use with or without the spacer. When used without spacers (eg on FIA cars) the disc and caliper will have to be modified slightly.

Genuine Mini Spares rose petal wheels are made with the correct offset to clear Cooper S disc brakes and are supplied with the correct open-ended nuts and washers produced in stainless steel for longevity and appearance.

Order genuine Mini Spares Rose Petal Wheels as part number C-21A1071 at £146.39 inc VAT. Watch out for fake versions, by the way.

More details from 01707 607 700 or via ENDS.