The daily challenge faced by mechanics surrounding what WD-40® Specialist product best suits their task in hand is now a whole lot easier following its decision to mirror its iconic and instantly recognisable blue and yellow cans.

The company has recently undergone a complete brand facelift of its specialist range after listening to professionals from all sectors who heaped praise on the actual nine products but asked for a greater standout with a crystal clear identity so they can be instantly identifiable against products from lesser-known brands.

As a direct response, WD-40® created a more coherent look across its entire Specialist range, bringing it into line with its iconic blue and yellow branding to help busy professionals easily and quickly select the right product for every task at hand.

The effect has been immediate as research revealed that by bringing the Specialist range in line with its iconic blue and yellow branding, professionals were immediately 26% faster at finding the product they were searching for when browsing either in-store or online.

A firm favourite among mechanics and engineers around the world, the WD-40 Specialist was launched in 2012 to provide a professional-grade range of lubricants, greases and cleaners for use in industrial settings.

Now, each of the nine products – High-Performance White Lithium GreaseLong-Lasting Spray GreaseAnti-Friction Dry PTFE Lubricant SprayHigh-Performance Silicone LubricantFast Drying Contact CleanerFast Release Penetrant SprayFast Acting Degreaser SprayMulti-Purpose Cutting Oil and High-Performance PTFE Lubricant – feature a new typeface with simplified messaging, featuring the stand-out icon and bold colours.

While the WD-40 Specialist range cans have been given a face-lift, the high-quality, tried and tested, solutions inside remain the same. Known for their superior performance and respect within the trade, each has been scientifically developed for the daily demands and challenges laid out by professionals.

Kal Kozomos, Digital E Commerce Manager at WD-40 UK, commented:

“Our specialist products have been constantly evolving since we originally introduced them in 2012. All have been developed for specific needs within the professional and industrial environment.

“When we surveyed our customers on how we could make further improvements, the feedback was that the products themselves were faultless, but some often found it difficult to differentiate between our cans and the others sitting alongside them on the shelf. Bringing the design of our specialist cans in line with our Multi-Use Product, which is instantly recognised around the world, seemed the obvious solution – and one that has had an instant effect.”

Each product is fitted with Spray-2-Ways technology and a Smart Straw, enabling broad coverage for heavy-duty use along with precision application for those hard-to-reach areas, minimising overspray and waste. The innovative 360-degree valve allows the product to be conveniently used in any direction, even upside down, with no compromise on performance or results.

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