Ring Automotive has launched the SmartCharge Pro, a versatile, 30A battery charger suitable for intensive use across mixed vehicle fleets.

The 2.6kg, 12/24V-output compatible power supply rapidly recharges with variable rates of 5, 10, 20 and 30 amps, allowing technicians to charge batteries quickly.

Featuring a large LCD screen and diagnostic modes to check for potential battery and alternator problems before charging, Ring’s portable charger is the latest product addition to its award-winning range and removes hassle when working on any vehicle, from bikes to cars, to boats.

Henry Bisson, marketing director at Ring, said: “SmartCharge Pro combines Ring’s familiar robust innovation with useful diagnostic modes to identify any faults with the alternator and starting system before running a charge cycle. Importantly for mechanics and technicians, it is not just a battery charger, but will also supply 30A continuous charge for battery support functions such as diagnostic or data upload work. Two products for the price of one.”

Ring’s SmartCharge Pro has two charging process modes, with its nine-stage process compatible with lead-acid, gel, calcium, AGM, EFB and an eight-stage process for Lithium-ion batteries.

The SmartCharge Pro is ideal for application across commercial garages and workshops, and for intensive use on cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy goods vehicles.

Available at all good motor factors, the SmartCharge Pro is launched as a 30A unit, with 50A, 60A, 100A and 120A set to be released over the coming year.

Price SRP – £349.99

For more information visit https://www.ringautomotive.com/en/product/RSCP3024) ENDS.