Webcon has announced that it now has stocks of the Huco 12v suction fuel pump.

The Huco pump is intended for under-bonnet mounting and offers an excellent alternative to boot-mounted or in-tank fuel pumps.

The 12v pump delivers fuel at a maximum capacity of 130 l/hr at a maximum pressure of 0.15 bar and with maximum suction of 0.2 bar which makes it suitable for carburettor fuel systems.

The Huco pump is quite compact measuring just 78mm in diameter and 120mm in length.

Fuel line connections are via two 8mm diameter tubes and electrical connection involves just two wires.

Order as part number: 133010 at 79.98 inc VAT.

Available now from www.webcon.co.uk or at the other end of 01932 787 100 ENDS.