Looking for a sponge that covers all bases, lasts a long time, and is eco-friendly?

The Seep Dogbone sponge is just the ticket! Made from cellulose wood pulp, its larger size and seriously soft and absorbing 100 per cent renewable material is ideal for most washing tasks, especially those of heavier duty both in and out of the house.

Whether you’re doing the car wash, wiping down your bike after a muddy ride or just tackling those bigger pots and pans, the Seep Dogbone sponge will be of help.

Just like the Seep Sponge with Loofah Scourer, this sponge can be placed in a garden compost bin where it will naturally start to break down.

The new Seep range consists of plastic-free and compostable sponges and bin liners, that look good and can be machine washed for longevity. Because they don’t contain plastic, they won’t release microplastics when washed.

All Seep products are available at www.theseepcompany.com or via Amazon, with discount codes available ENDS.