Parts in Motion reminds drivers to replace blades for streak-free cleaning in winter.

In winter, the importance of having fresh wiper blades with good adhesion to the windscreen glass can be more visible than any other time of year.

Throughout the winter months, salt is sprayed onto the road surface in order to minimise the risk of ice and frozen patches.

Following vehicles on wet roads that had been salted the previous night means your windscreen wipers will be working overtime and reminds drivers to replace their wiper blades to ensure streak-free visibility, even in the worst winter conditions.

Matt Gates, director of, said: “Wiper blades are one of the key parts of the vehicle that is often overlooked. In order to ensure good visibility to safely drive through bad weather and clean away road spray in winter, it’s really important that drivers replace their wiper blades once or twice a year.”

The key signs wiper blades need replacing are smears and streaks on the glass, which are usually caused by cracked edges in the wiper blades’ rubber structure.

A more obvious and frustrating feature of wiper blades that are due for replacement are squeaking and skipping blades as the wiper moves across the windscreen. This is caused by hardened rubber as the blade ages and is a clear sign that the wiper blade needs to be replaced. stocks new windscreen wiper blades for all makes and models, from manufacturers such as BoschNAPA and Borg & Beck, so if your wiper blades aren’t working to their full performance, check your registration now and see what new blades are available for your vehicle, to get through the winter with the best visibility.

Parts in Motion offers fast delivery on leading automotive parts brands, including Febi, Bosch, LuK and OSRAM. If you’re in need of any parts or products to help keep your vehicle in good health, simply enter your vehicle registration at or speak to one of Parts in Motion’s product experts to find out more.

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