A manufacturer keeping a low profile but very busy nevertheless is Formosa Cars based in Dorset and their 120GR model available in two guises.

Formosa 120GR

There’s the short nose version based around (91in chassis) Triumph Herald (or Vitesse) donor or the long nose example that is based on (99in chassis) Reliant Scimitar SE5 (or SE5A) donor.

The company is run by top rodder, Gary Janes and he has followed the specials era theme with the GR120. Therefore, the car is very much what you make of it and you can go your own way once you have your bodyshell and donor.

Body kit prices start at £2600 for the Triumph version or £2650 for the Reliant one. A variety of other panels are available including bonnet options, GRP ‘humps’, vents and bonnet scoops.

More information from www.formosacars.co.uk ENDS.