Dodgy car electrics are a bit scary and very annoying. Who doesn’t hate an illuminated warning light or iffy connection?

Stabilant 22 could be an answer to get you out of trouble – not only with your kitcar – when multi-pin connectors and stroppy electrics cause you grief.

The product is an electronic contact enhancer (liquid semi-conductor) that improves (and even restores in some cases) conductivity, reliability and performance of car electronics and gives the effect of a soldered joint even when you haven’t got an actual bond.

We’ll be putting the product fully through its paces very soon but I will say that it is impressive and managed to extinguish a warning light on my BMW (well-known for shonky electrics!).

Prices start at £37.20 inc VAT for a 5ml or £99.80 inc VAT for 15ml and although not cheap this product offers the possibility of saving you a bundle of cash at the local garage not to mention take your pain away!

Stabliant 22 is available from a variety of stockists including the UK importer Sibert. More from or call 01252 815 518 ENDS.