Forget hunting for gifts on Christmas Eve or praying your online order actually does arrive on time, why not get ahead of the game with some inspiration below from OSRAM?

Light bulbs may not be the obvious stocking filler. However, you can brighten up any car enthusiast or self-confessed petrol head’s Christmas with OSRAM’s wide range of high-quality bulbs.


The NIGHT BREAKER 200 is a halogen upgrade bulb that is up to 200 per cent brighter than required by law, significantly improving road illumination and safety.

OSRAM recognises that better visibility helps drivers detect traffic signs and hazards quicker and react faster, improving road safety.

Using cutting-edge technology, NIGHT BREAKER 200 delivers a powerful whiter light that is up to three times brighter than a standard bulb and a light beam of up to 150 metres. It also features a new mirrored chrome tip for a modern look. The perfect stocking filler this Christmas!

NIGHT BREAKER 200 is available now as H4 and H7 ECE bulb types.

Price from – £25 a pair


OSRAM’s leading COOL BLUE INTENSE range of halogen and HID bulbs has been updated with a new look and enhanced features. These high-tech bulbs combine power with style, for those who are all about aesthetics.

The COOL BLUE INTENSE bulb has an extra white light for an LED look to give design fans their money’s worth.

This automotive bulb has colour temperatures of up to 5000k (Kelvin) (H1/H4/H7/H11/HB3/ HB4/HIR2) and up to 100 per cent more brightness.

It also features a modern silver cap design (H4/H7/H8/H11/HB4), which is ideal for use in clear-glass headlights.

Prices vary depending on product type

Working and Driving Lights

OSRAM’s specialist range of LED driving lights offers intense levels of illumination to help keep motorists driving safely through the night.

The range offers a variety of performances, shapes and beam patterns, with various illumination profiles including spot, wide and combo.

There are four series to choose from Multifunctional, Functional, Slim and Value, with a total of 14 lights in the range. This includes three LEDriving® working lights within the Multifunctional series, which have been specially designed for off-road applications, allowing work to continue into the night.

OSRAM LEDriving® lights are available for 12V and 24V vehicles and are ECE compliant, providing premium style and performance.

Prices vary depending on product type

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