New from the good folk at The 2CV Shop in Somerset is the 2cEv an electric 2CV! They’ve joined forces once again with French company Mehari-2CV Club Cassis as they did with the electric version of the Mehari, they call eDen.

For the 2cEv out goes the Citroën 602cc air-cooled twin replaced by a Sevcon Gen4 15 kW electric motor bolted up to a standard 2CV gearbox.

In the boot is a 10.5 kWh battery pack that is said to give a range of up to 60-miles and a top speed of 65mph. The 2CV Shop reckons that the electric motor’s output roughly equates to the 29bhp produced by the 602cc petrol engine but there’s a healthy increase in torque to 89lb-ft, which more than compensates for the 30kg weight penalty from the electric motor and battery.

The 2CV Shop currently offers two options. They will convert your own 2CV to electric power from £16,400 (this takes about a week) or you can go for a turnkey pre-converted version from £29,000. They are also looking at offering the electric components as a kit. More on that soon.

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