Sound deadening and heat-protective materials have become very popular with kitcar enthusiasts in recent years and for good reason.

Trust me, there are some complete rubbish products out there that don’t deaden sound and definitely don’t prevent heatsoak although by the same token there are some great ones available. Dynamat or anything from DEI anyone?

Another product that I have been hearing good things about lately hails from Russia and is called STP Bomb Aero made by a company called Standartplast. It’s available in the UK though from Heritage Parts Centre.

STP Bomb Aero uses bitumen-based technology using what is described as aero technology that is said to provide the best level of vibration damping.

The sheets are backed by a self-adhesive glue layer meaning they are easy to cut and fit while they are also very flexible so are ideal on the often-complex surfaces of a kitcar interior.

Being waterproof is also very handy and can provide extra protection against corrosion.

A 12-sheet pack costs £158.95 inc VAT and is available now from or via 01273 444 000 ENDS.