In the past, Goodridge only manufactured their hose fittings and adaptors in the traditional anodised blue colour. More recently they have added a small range of the same adaptors and hose fittings in anodised black.

These have proved popular with those building or restoring cars who don’t want to have the shiny, sometimes out of place looking, blue fittings.

You can create the period look you want for your historic racer, or give your engine bay a sleek, stealth look with these new fittings!

The anodised black fittings include male to male adaptors, bulkhead fittings, half nuts, t-pieces and 936 hose finishers in various sizes and threads. These are a great complement to the 236 black hose fittings with 210 series hose, and also the 811 silver and black fittings and 811 hose pictured here.

Please note that Goodridge has only manufactured a limited number in this finish of the most popular fittings in the most popular thread sizes.

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