AK Sportscars’ new demonstrator (nicknamed as one would expect by co-director, Wendi Freeman – she calls it ‘Timmy Turbo’) could well be one of the most powerful Cobra replicas thus far seen in the UK.

Rated by Jon Freeman as producing between 800-1000bhp, the company’s new demo car is sure to etch a perma-grin on the face of anyone who drives it. However, although it most definitely is RAPID, the car is proper old school in terms of looks and finish.

Visually, the only real clue that anything special is going on here is the slightly lipped rear arches to allow for wider rear rubber. For the record, the engine is a GM L33 Vortec 5300 HO unit, with an aluminium block. In standard form, it was fitted to GM pick-up trucks.

As a base unit for monster aftermarket builds it is a great engine as it has a beefy bottom end, free-flowing ‘cathedral’ shape ports and added compression. AK’s version has a pair of huge AET turbos fitted to it. We’ll have a feature on the car soon in TKC MAG.

In the meantime, visit www.aksportscars.com or call 01733 267 633 ENDS.