Now it’s possible to keep your vehicle’s interior cooler and quieter using just one material. ‘Sound Barrier’, from DEI blocks outside noise and high temperatures for a cool, comfortable ride whilst insulating the interior during winter months too.

DEI ‘Sound Barrier’ also provides vibration damping and is lightweight so easy to install. The sheets can be cut and glued, mechanically fastened or laid under the carpet for a tailored fit in any vehicle.

DEI ‘Sound Barrier’ can be ordered as part number 51135 and is sold in 55in-wide sheets by the linear yard at £48.95 per yard.

Price shown is for supply direct from DEI in America and will be subject to import tax, shipping costs and handling fees.
UK and European customers are recommended to check local DEI official dealers for prices.

Visit: or local dealers and DEI Appointed International Sales Dealers ENDS.