Sealey’s NEW UK exclusive top-end chargers have a host of key features and benefits including a five-year guarantee and zero-volt charging.

Models are available in three different output charges: 8A, 12A and 16A, and these fully automatic seven-stage Battery Chargers are specifically designed for charging a variety of GEL, AGM, lead-acid and calcium batteries with auto chemistry selection.

They are designed to automatically select and charge 6, 12, or 24V batteries, depending on the battery connected. Zero-volt battery charging enables the recovery and charging of a completely discharged battery (providing any load is removed from the rechargeable battery).

All three Premier Battery Chargers feature an intuitive LED screen that displays illuminated charging stages, volts and amps output and battery capacity. They also feature a compact design with a unique retractable hanging hook and a cable management system that allows the clips to be stored neatly away while not in use.

They are also fitted with reverse polarity, short circuit, over-temperature and overcharging protection.

Sealey’s complete product range can be viewed on their new website at ENDS.