Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a headlining material that not only looked good but also insulated your vehicle’s interior from exterior heat and noise?

Well, now you can because DEI has released its new Universal Upholstery Material that combines a leather-look perforated vinyl with a sound-insulating foam backing and DEI’s decades of heat insulation know-how.

The material is the ideal solution for any custom interior project including kitcar interiors, classic restorations, roadster hardtops, camper van interiors and van linings; in fact, if it has a roof it can benefit from DEI’s Universal Upholstery Material. (It is also suitable for door panels and package trays).

DEI’s Universal Upholstery Material is simple to install using DEI Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive which, unlike general carpet spray adhesive, won’t let go when the sun shines on your vehicle’s roof.

The material is available in 54in x 79in sheets enabling most projects to be completed without joins or seams.

A sheet of DEI’s Universal Upholstery Material can be ordered as part number 50028 at £140.37 (which is considerably cheaper than having to buy heat-shielding foil, soundproofing felt and a quality headlining material). DEI Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive is available as part number 010490 at £13.37.

Prices shown are for supply direct from DEI in America and will be subject to import tax, shipping costs and handling fees. The UK and European customers are recommended to check local DEI official dealers for prices.

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